2023 » Video from the premiere of Real World Avatar, performed by Jennifer Torrence, available now! => Watch

2023 » New video available: An observation of the installation dunge => Watch

2023 » New video available: excerpt from slow motion for 8 automatic slide whistles and flute quartet => Watch

2023 » 01.07.23 – 31.07.23 : dunge [new installation for many small circuits and objects] at Årstads konsthall.

2023 » June 23rd: Real World Avatar [for 1 human and 1 motorized percussionist] premiered by Jennifer Torrence in Gjøvik, Norway (INN:PUST-festival).

2023 » May 13th: [new work for flute quartet and 8 automated slide whistles] performed by 40f in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2023 » May 6th: [new work for flute quartet and 8 automated slide whistles] premiered by 40f in Växjö, Sweden (Media Artes).

2023 » March 17th: diamond dust performed by Lisbon Ensemble 20/21 in Lisbon, Portugal.

2023 » March 15-21: pixilation [installation version] on display at Göteborgs Konserthus in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2023 » March 9th: curating a concert for hand werk including the premiere of animation [for keyboard, violin, cello, lights and samples] in Cologne, Germany.

2023 » February 22: One Man Band performed by Jennifer Torrence in Chicago, USA (frequency festival).

2023 » January 14th: double dubbing (firefly song) performed by Eva Zöllner & Heather Roche in collaboration with London Symphony Orchestra in London, UK.

2022 » The score of stop motion is now available =>

2021 » From September 2021: teaching electronic music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

2021 » Upcoming performance of double dubbing (firefly song) with Eva Zöllner & Heather Roche in Darmstadt, Germany at Darmstädter Ferienkurse, August 4.

2020 » Video recording of One Man Band, performed by Simone Beneventi, is now available on Score Follower! Watch »

2020 » Upcoming performances of pixilation, performed by Ernst Surberg and Sebastian Berweck in Börnestudio in Berlin, Germany (Concepts of Doing), September 6th.

2020 » Video recording of double dubbing (firefly song), performed by Heather Roche and Eva Zöllner, is now available! Watch »

2020 » Video recording of pixilation (version for lights and samples), is now available! Watch »

2020 » Video recording of marionette, performed by My Hellgren, is now available at the online festival Only Connect! Watch »

2020 » Video recording of One Man Band, performed by Simone Beneventi, is now available! Watch »

2020 » Video recording of stop motion, performed by Jonas Larsson and Gageego! (conducted by Christian Karlsen), is now available! Watch »

2020 » Upcoming performances of double dubbing (firefly song) for accordion, clarinet and 16 piezo buzzers. Performed by Eva Zöllner & Heather Roche in Gothenburg, Sweden (Levande musik), March 18 (premiere!) and in Piteå, Sweden, March 20.

2020 » Upcoming performance of Rita cirklar with Norrbotten Neo at Konserthuset in Stockholm, Sweden, March 9.

2020 » Upcoming performance of diamond dust with Ensemble Fractales in Brussels,  Belgium, February 4.

2020 » Upcoming performance of Down with Chatschatur Kanajan (ensemble mosaik) in Berlin, Germany (Unerhörte Musik), February 4.

2019 »  New review of marionette! By Simon Cummings on his music blog 5:4 after the performance of My Hellgren at Nordic Music Days.

“Cellist My Hellgren was turned into something not unlike a robot in Johan Svensson‘s Marionette. Initially, there was a clear sense of hierarchy, Hellgren’s physical actions on the cello being translated in real-time by a complex mechanical and electric system comprising lights, fans and scrapers among other things. So closely aligned was this relationship it was as if the gadgets became the imagined interior of Hellgren’s body and brain. However, as the work progressed the relationship developed, first into a human-machine duet, and eventually to the point that it was as if Hellgren had become an automaton (echoes here of some of Simon Løffler’s work), perhaps even a reversal of the opening state, Hellgren now being controlled by the mechanics. This was reinforced by a wonderful coda in which three light bulbs uncannily engaged in their own free-will dance, independently of the cello. A fabulous piece that blended perfectly its visual and sonic elements into a seamless, dramatic choreography.”

2019 » New album release at Stradivarius: Wooden Songs with Simone Beneventi, including a new recording of One Man Band. Get it here »

2019 » November 8: Upcoming performance of ampèrian loops – part III with Mimitabu in Opatija, Croatia (Glazbena Tribina Opatija).

2019 » marionette is selected for Nordic Music Days and will be performed November 13 by My Hellgren at the festival in Bodø, Norway.

2019 » June 6: Upcoming performance of ampèrian loops – part III with ensemble mosaik in Copenhagen, Denmark (KLANG – Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival).

2019 » May 22: Upcoming performance of marionette with Karin Hellqvist in Ghent, Belgium (Orpheus Doctoral Conference: Music, Humans and Machines).

2019 » May 17: Upcoming performance of One Man Band with Simone Beneventi in Krakow, Poland (31st International Festival of Krakow Composers).

2018 » Johan Svensson is now a part of the artistic direction of the contemporary music festival Kalvfestivalen.

2018 » Video recording of marionette, performed by Karin Hellqvist, is now available! Watch »

2018 » Performance of ampèrian loops – part III with Mimitabu at hcmf// in BBC Radio 3! Listen »

2018 » Upcoming performance of ampèrian loops – part III with Mimitabu in Huddersfield, UK (hcmf//), November 23.

2018 » Upcoming performance of fieldwalking with Marco Fusi in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 5.

2018 » A live video recording of ampèrian loops – part III, performed by Mimitabu, is now available! Watch »

2018 » Upcoming premiere of marionette for violin, electro-mechanical devices and lights with Karin Hellqvist in Skövde, Sweden, October 25. Followed by performances in Gothenburg October 26 and in Gerlesborg October 27.

2018 » Upcoming performance of Down with Chatschatur Kanajan (ensemble mosaik) in Ostrava, Czech Republic, October 6.

2018 » Upcoming performance of ampèrian loops – part III with Mimitabu at Atalante in Gothenburg, Sweden (GAS Festival), October 3.

2018 » Upcoming performance of Down with Karin Hellqvist at Sonic Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 6.

2018 » Rita cirklar is now available with score on incipitsify’s YouTube channel!

2018 » stop motion – for percussionist, ensemble, electro-mechanical devices and lights – will be premiered by Jonas Larsson and Gageego! in Gothenburg Concert Hall, April 8.

2017 » Radio interview in Berlin Community Radio (We Just Met…). Listen =>

2017 » ampèrian loops – part II is selected for Nordic Music Days and will be performed by Ensemble Distractfold in London, UK, September 29.

2017 » The complete cycle ampèrian loops: part I, II and III (premiere), will be performed by ensemble mosaik  in Berlin, Germany (Heimathafen), September 1. The portrait concert is part of the project Progetto Positano which is a collaboration between Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and ensemble mosaik.

2017 » One Man Band will be premiered in its entirety by Simone Beneventi in Kalv, Sweden, August 12. Followed by a concert in Stockholm, August 14.

2017 » fieldwalking going on tour with Marco Fusi in the USA, April 22 – May 1.

2017 » The website is launched! It has been developed in collaboration with the pianist Jonas Olsson and the composer Martin Rane Bauck.

2017 » ampèrian loops – part II will be performed by Curious Chamber Players at Sampler Series, February 7 in Barcelona, Spain.

2017 » ampèrian loops – part II going on tour with ensemble mosaik on the Canary Islands, January 25-31.

2016 » New album released at LAWO Classics with ensemble Aksiom including a recording of Shiver. Check it out

2016 » Upcoming premiere and performances of one man band (for percussion, vibrators and air instruments [one performer]) in Italy by Simone Beneventi: Nov 25 in Treviso, Nov 27 in Vignola, Dec 2 in Mezzago, Dec 27 in Prato and Dec 28 in Bologna.

2016 » study for piano #2 will be premiered by Jonas Olsson October 22nd at GAS Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2016 » In April 2017, GEIGER-grammofon will release an album with Marco Fusi performing works for viola d’amore including a recording of fieldwalking!

2016 » Norrbotten NEO‘s performance of diamond dust in Swedish Radio P2, May 4th at 19:03, from New Directions in Piteå (P2 Live).

2016 » Review in Norrbottenskuriren from Norrbotten NEO‘s concert at New Directions in Piteå, Sweden. Read »

2016 » Studio recording of fieldwalking, performed by Marco Fusi, is now available! Listen »

2016 » Upcoming performance of diamond dust by Norrbotten NEO, April 3rd in Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholms Konserthus).

2016 » New piece study for piano #1 will be premiered by Jonas Olsson, April 2nd in Helsinki, Finland (Balderin Talo).

2015 » Upcoming portrait concert in Gothenburg where both ampèrian loops I & II are to be performed by Mimitabu. February 27th, 2016 (Geiger).

2015 » Recording of Mimitabu‘s performance of ampèrian loops – part II is now available! AUDIO / VIDEO

2015 » Awarded scholarship from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (KMA).

2015 » Awarded scholarship from Society of Swedish Composers (FST).

2015 » New piece for viola d’amore; fieldwalking, on tour Nov 20-Dec 1 in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy with Marco Fusi.

2015 » ampèrian loops – part II for ensemble, solenoids, transducers and vibrators is to be premiered by Mimitabu, November 28th in Gothenburg, Sweden (Levande musik).

2015 » New upcoming performance of diamond dust by ensemble iiiiiiiii, October 12th in Seoul, South Korea (iN festival 2015).

2015 » Coming up: two performances of Down by violinist Karin Hellqvist: June 13th, in Florence, Italy (Tempo Reale). June 20th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina (conDiT).

2015 » Bricks and waves was selected in the call for scores arranged by FST and will be performed by Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra June 3rd in Berwaldhallen in Stockholm, Sweden.

2015 » New York Classical Review writes about diamond dust from the performance by Curious Chamber Players at MATA festival in New York, April 2015. Read »

2015 » New piece for flute, soprano saxophone and accordion; beep, on tour in Japan April 4-14 with Trio Nedrémo.

2015 » diamond dust was selected for MATA festival 2015 and will be performed by Curious Chamber Players at the upcoming festival April 14th in New York, USA.

2014 » Awarded scholarship from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (KMA).

2014 » Shiver was premiered by Aksiom at Ultima/Nordic Music Days, September 19th in Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo. The norwegian radio, NRK, recorded the concert and made a special program about it in “Musikk i brennpunktet” November 12th. LISTEN

2014 » Awarded scholarship from STIM.

2014 » October 5th is the opening of the sound exhibition Kan själv! – en ljudupplevelse för de allra minsta in Lödöse museum. Here children between 0-2 years have the possibility to, on their own, create and explore a variety of sounds and sound environments. Kan själv! – en ljudupplevelse för de allra minsta is a result of a collaboration between Västarvet, Johan Svensson and Kultur i Väst, and is designed by Tofte Lamberg.

2014 » Shiver was premiered by Aksiom at Ultima festival/Nordic music days, September 19th in Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo. The piece was broadcasted by danish radio P2 September 24th as an excerpt of the festival, together with pieces by Simon Steen Andersen, Eivind Buene and Karin Rehnqvist among others. LISTEN

2014 » A new version of Down, for 5-stringed electric violin, will be performed by Takao Hyakutome, August 14th at 47. Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Germany.

2014 » DAC FuGuE on tour July 4-17 with Quki Ensemblée in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia.

2014 » Debut concert in Oslo June 3rd. An extended Mimitabu ensemble will perform ampèrian loops – part I; diamond dust; DAC FuGuE and Down among other pieces.

2014 » My article on Carola Bauckholts visit at Vinterlydfestivalen in Oslo is published in Ballade. READ

2014 » ampèrian loops – part I in on tour in Denmark with Mimitabu, April 13-14 in Aarhus and Copenhagen (arr. AUT).

2014 » DAC FuGuE on tour with Aksiom. Part 1: February 21-26 in Stavanger and Oslo, Norway. Part 2: May 22-23 in Trondheim, Norway and Aarhus, Denmark.

2014 » Selected for Nordic Music Days in Oslo. A new ensemble piece for Aksiom will be performed at Nordic Music Days/Ultima festival in Oslo 19 September.

2013 » Awarded scholarship from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (KMA).

2013 » Awarded scholarship from Society of Swedish Composers (FST).

2013 » The live recording of amperian loops – part I, performed by Mimitabu at Stenhammar NU! festival in Gothenburg November 15th, is now available. AUDIO / VIDEO

2013 » The live recording of Bricks and waves, performed by The Norwegian Radio Orchestra August 23rd, is now available. AUDIO

2013 » New studio recording of Down (for violin and electronics) with violinist Karin Hellqvist, now available. AUDIO

2013 » Part of Virserums musikdagar by leading a composition course during the festival, June 24-28.

2013 » Rita cirklar is selected for Nordic Music Days 2013 in Helsinki, Finland!

2013 » My essay on Joakim Sandgren and his piece empreintes digitales is now published in the online magazine Tidningen Kulturen [swedish].

2013 » Bricks and waves is selected for UNM festival and will be performed by Norwegian radio orchestra KORK [Kringkastingsorkestret] under direction of Halldis Rønning, August 23rd in NRK Store studio in Oslo, Norway.