mosaic patterns for piano and electronics (2023) dur: 13′ [commissioned by Jonas Olsson]

for many small circuits and objects [installation] (2023) [commissioned by Årstads konsthall] VIDEO

slow motion
for 4 instruments and 8 automated slide whistles (2022-2023) dur: 15′ [commissioned by 40f]

Real World Avatar
for one human and one motorized percussionist [one performer] (2020-2022) dur: 22′ [commissioned by Jennifer Torrence] VIDEO

 for piccolo, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello (2022) dur: 10′ [commissioned by Norrbotten NEO]

for keyboard, violin, cello, lights and samples (2020-2021) dur 12′ [commissioned by Longleash]

double dubbing (firefly song)
 for accordion, clarinet and 16 piezo buzzers (2019-2020) dur: 11′ [commissioned by Heather Roche and Eva Zöllner] VIDEO

for two keyboards, lights and samples (2019) dur: 10′
version for lights and samples (2020) dur: 10′ [commissioned by Jonas Olsson and Sanae Yoshida] VIDEO

for string instrument, electro-mechanical devices and lights (2018) dur: 15’30 [commissioned by Karin Hellqvist] VIDEO / SCORE / REVIEW

stop motion
 for percussionist, ensemble [piccolo/bass flute, oboe, trombone, violin, cello, double bass, 3 object players, keyboard], electro-mechanical devices[motors and vibrators] and lights (2018) dur: 20′ [commissioned by Gageego!] VIDEO / SCORE

ampèrian loops – part III
 for piccolo/bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, keyboard, vibrators [1 performer] and electro-mechanical devices [solenoids and transducers] (2017) dur: 14′ [commissioned by ensemble mosaik] VIDEO / SCORE

One Man Band
 for percussion, vibrators and air instruments [one performer] (2016-2017) dur: 16’30 [commissioned by Simone Beneventi] VIDEO / SCORE

 for viola d’amore (2015) dur: 5’20 [commissioned by Marco Fusi] AUDIO / SCORE

ampèrian loops – part II
 for piccolo/bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, keyboard and electro-mechanical devices [solenoids, transducers and vibrators] (2015) dur: 16′ [commissioned by Mimitabu] AUDIO / VIDEO / SCORE

study for piano #1
(2015) dur: 4′ AUDIO / SCORE
study for piano #2 (2015) dur: 4’30 AUDIO / SCORE
[commissioned by Jonas Olsson]

 for flute, soprano saxophone, accordion (2015) dur: 9′ [commissioned by Trio Nedrémo] SCORE

 for piccolo, tenor sax, trombone, percussion, piano, guitar, violin, cello and double bass (2014) dur: 16′ [commissioned by Aksiom] AUDIO / SCORE

Composition for DIMI-A and Halldorophone
 [music and video] in collaboration with Halldór Úlfarsson (2014) dur: 12′

 for soprano saxophone and acoustic guitar [played with slide-transducer] (2014) dur: 10′

ampèrian loops – part I
 for bass flute, half clarinet, metal can, piano, violin, viola, cello and solenoids (2013) dur: 14′ [commissioned by Mimitabu] AUDIO / VIDEO / SCORE

diamond dust
 for bass flute, cello and piano (2013) dur: 5′ [commissioned by Mimitabu] AUDIO / SCORE / REVIEW
version for violin, cello and piano SCORE

 for violin and electronics (2012) dur: 9′ [commissioned by Karin Hellqvist] AUDIO / SCORE

Piece for halldorophone and viola
(2012) dur: 12′ [commissioned by Halldór Úlfarsson]

Parallel lines
 for trombone and percussion (2012) dur: 10′ [commissioned by Audio Exhibition]

Bricks and waves
 for orchestra (2009-2012) dur: 8′ AUDIO / SCORE

within fields
 for cello and electronics (2010-2011) dur: 11’30 [commissioned by My Hellgren]

around around
 for saxophone quartet (2010-2011/2012) dur: 5’30 [commissioned by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet] AUDIO / SCORE

Rita cirklar
 for flute, percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello (2010) dur: 8′ [commissioned by Mimitabu] AUDIO / VIDEO / SCORE